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We've just come back from the Alternative Music Festival in Butlins at Skegness. I'd booked it as an anniversary present for John, as he loves music. But this one you didn't have to stand in a field all day, LOL! The Boomtown Rats were one of the headliners and we didn't expect it, but Sir Bob Geldof was there as the lead singer, he wasn't mentioned in any of the brochures or photographs so we thought it was just going to be the rest of the band with a different lead singer. They were absolutely fantastic.

John really enjoyed the music, he knew all of the bands and all of the songs and I was a bit bemused. I kept asking, "So, do you have this song on your iPod?" I think there were only about 2 songs there he hadn't got on his iPod :) What he didn't enjoy was the bad toothache he had on the Sunday night, and of course no dentist was open. On Monday on the way home he managed to see an emergency dentist in Skegness. One of his teeth or gums is infected so he's in antibiotics and painkillers until he gets the tooth out.

He was in agony on Monday night and crying with the pain of it and we tried the new number for out of hours medical help, but we just couldn't get through. A robotic voice just kept saying "we have not detected a response, please press 9 or say yet to continue." We'd been pressing the number and saying yes into the phone for an hour or more and nothing. Eventually the painkillers kicked in and he was feeling a bit better yesterday so he went to work today. So, there's John reminding me which tablets I need to take, and me reminding him :) He's had trouble with this same tooth for months and he'd been trying to get an appointment with his dentist, who couldn't see him until the end of Nov! He's signed up with a new one and they can't see him until late in Oct. Finding a dentist around here is ridiculous.


I'm going well with my Snarry Swap fic and I've also written one for the HP reunion Snarry Games, it's short though :)


So, the UK is getting a release of the live-action version of Black Butler. And I have managed to convince John to go and see it with me, squee! LOL! If his teeth hold up, that is :)

"Do we have to wear costumes?" he asked.

"No, I think costumes are optional."

"Is this one of these gay animes?" - John knows how much I love those ;)

"No, the character in the film is a girl, but it was a boy in the manga and anime. It wasn't gay, but people like to think it is. The author put in a lot of fan service."

"Eh?" Cue a very embarrassing discussion about that corset scene for example ;)


These are the only cinemas I can find where it's on at the moment:

Cineworld Crawley

Odeon Panton Street (central London)

Cineworld Stevanage

Cineworld Cardiff

Cineworld Sheffield


The trailer:

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