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Feb. 13th, 2013

John and I were interviewed at Cassidy Crimson's blog and if you leave a comment, you are entered into the draw to win an ebook copy of New Zealand with Hobbit Botherer :)

The ebook will be in PDF.
Genre: Humor/Travel
What should you do if your spouse becomes addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies and swoons at the very mention of Orlando Bloom’s name? (Thud. Quick, fetch the smelling salts.)

How about taking the advice of a strange apparition that reveals itself in a dream? An apparition that looks remarkably like the director of the movies, Peter Jackson, but not quite remarkably enough to prompt legal action.

An apparition that recommends touring New Zealand in an effort to prove that its sheep pastures aren’t really filled by frolicking Hobbits. Just sheep and the occasional zorbing local.

This is the hilarious tale of such a tour, featuring snow capped mountains and turquoise lakes, flightless birds and flying cattle, bungy jumping grannies and the carrot mafia, strange yellow eyes peering up from a road map and hotel receptionists always desperate to know win you are living.


Although this book is about Lord of the Rings and Hobbits, any Harry Potter fans might be interested in the bit of news near the end of the interview ;)

Take care,