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The ebook of Shadows of the Rose is half price this week at allromance ebooks:


It's $2.49 instead of $4.99

Here's the blurb:

The stories all take place in various times, various places, from medieval witch trials, to the far reaches of space and future.

The Witch Hunter - a young girl is accused of sorcery and the witch hunter sent to condemn her is not as he seems...

Baby Blues - set in a future where family planning is controlled by the state and it is illegal to make love...

Free Falling - some friendly aliens have found the cure for most of human diseases, except for one--the one you have...

The Glass Guitar - Meg thinks a haunted guitar might be just the present for her musician boyfriend's birthday...

Shadows of the Rose - a lovers' tryst in a ruined abbey, but there is something not quite right - what's that there, hidden beneath the shadows of the rose?

It also has the two m/m short stories The Prince's Guard and Of Pets and Pleasures.

Take care,