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2008 NUW Authors Holiday Scavenger Hunt!!!

We know there are certain times during the holiday season when it’s better to receive than to give and, with that in mind, the authors of NUW thought it would be a great idea to give you a chance to “get something” just for yourself this year!!

How can you do that? By participating in this year’s NUW Authors Holiday Scavenger Hunt of course!! The NUW Authors Holiday Scavenger Hunt will start on November 20, 2008 and with more than fifty dollars worth of prizes ready for the giving — including ebooks, paperback, and giftcards — it promises to be fun for all!

So, now that you know how we want to try to brighten your Holiday Season, please join us this November and December so that when the gifts are given this coming January, you’ll have the chance that they just might be given to YOU!!!

To find out more or to join in on the fun, visit: http://www.nuwauthors.wordpress.com/

take care,
Annette - I'm one of the authors :)