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Fic List Snarry D/s BDSM etc.

D/s and BDSM Snarry fics

The list is done, again alphabetical by title with sequels added beneath. Feel free to add any in the comments that I might have missed so far. It will be added to periodically, an ongoing list, LOL! Last update 3 Feb 2012. Thanks to Domaris Sky for pointing out expired links and typos I might have missed. New means new to this list not necessarily a new story :)

For the purposes of this list, I am including those fics which have a dominant/submissive element, even if no physical force is used, as well as bondage, spanking, bloodplay, breathplay and anything in between :)

Most of these fics are complete, except for How Severus Spends his Summer Hols which is a perpetual fic, but I don't normally link to WIPs. :)

Titles: A - D

Addiction by Swanky slave!Snape, non-con.

Admission Series by Cruise Director & Celandine sub!Harry, SS/DM/HP, bondage.

The Afterglow by Hauntedpadawan sub!Harry?

All of You by Atrata sub!Harry

Along Came a Spider by Rakina, sub!Harry. Trelawney as voyeur.

All You Have to do is Ask by the Minx 17 Sub!Snape

Aberrations of Love and Hate by Hpstrangelove, sub!Harry, dub-con
Summary: Harry Evans knew he should hate Severus Snape for what Snape was doing to him. No matter what words Snape made Harry say as far as choice went, Snape was still effectively forcing Harry to have sex with him, or so Snape thought. But as far as Harry was concerned, it couldn't be considered force if he wanted and enjoyed all the wonderfully depraved things Snape did to him

All the King's Horses Severus/Harry/Draco
Summary: Snape and Harry enjoy the spoils of war when Draco is given to them to be collared and stabled.

An Eye for and Eye by Arsenic SS/DM/HP sub!Harry.

Anhidrosis by Fortissimo sub!Hary?

Another Kind of Magic by goofball, sub!Harry
Summary: Follow Harry's basic education of yet another art Severus Snape is quite proficient in. If you've ever wondered what else there is to BDSM except people "beating each other up", this might be a story for you.

As Children Often Do by Lux sub!Harry

As Clean a Piece of Smut as You Will Ever Find by Rakina BDSM, chan.

As You Like it by Flic, sub!Harry, chan, spanking.

Ashes of Armageddon by Emily Waters. slave!Snape fic, Dark!Harry.
Summary: Dark!Harry, slave!Snape. DarkFic. (and I really do mean, dark!) Post-DH, ignores epilogue. Book One:What if Harry never had the King's Cross experience? Severus Snape survives Nagini's bite, and wakes up from a coma five years later, only to become enslaved by a very angry, vindictive, and extremely powerful Harry Potter. Book Two: The war is truly over now, and both Harry and Severus Snape have survived the ordeal. But the consequences of the two months spent at Godric's Hollow are still with them.

Attention Whore by Xanphibian sub!Harry

Attitude Adjustment by GMTH sub!Harry?

The Auror, the Potions Expert, and the Cult of Eris by Gateway Girl. light BDSM, aphrodisiac.
Summary: After a meeting of Muggle politicians degenerates into an orgy, Severus Snape is called in as a potions expert. Auror Potter isn't quite the boy he remembers.

NEW! Auror's Dilemma by Gateway Girl, sub!Harry (companion piece to the Finders Fee series)
Summary: As an Apprentice Auror, Ron is uncomfortable with Harry's explanation of what he does -- professionally -- with Snape. Certainly some of that is likely to be illegal. However, when a serious poaching case lands on his desk, he's not sure he can trust his judgment. Is he so scandalized that he is assuming guilt unfairly? Or is it the other way round?

NEW Site The Bar Tender by Sacrilige, sub!Harry
Companion fic Scenes from the Life of a Bar Tender by Sacrilege

Basilisk by Rantipole sub!Harry?, chan warning.

Be Careful What you Wish For by Isis, sub!Harry one-shot
Summary: Harry decides he wants Snape -- and then changes his mind. Maybe.

Bed of Bones by Dianann Snape/Remus/Harry sub!Harry

Beg by Perfica

Belongings by Empathic Siren Sub!Harry

Bent by Anise sub!Harry

Bloodwork by Seeker

Blood and Fire by Cluegirl

Bonds of Affection by Emily Waters sub!Harry
Dominant!Snape, submissive!Harry slave-fic. (In this story, Harry is 16, Snape is 38)
Voldemort gives his Death-Eater a task: make Harry Potter drink an enslavement potion, forcing him to become slave-bonded to Severus Snape. In a bid to save Snape's life and help him keep his cover as a spy, Harry voluntarily goes along with Voldemort's plan, moves to Snape's household, and slowly, a bond begins to form between the two. But Dark Lord's claim on their lives leaves little room for happiness: being a double agent is not without a cost, the potion Harry had drank contains a mystery ingredient that nobody knows anything about; and Severus Snape himself is hiding a terrifying secret from his past ...

NEW!Bondage of the Mind by Hobbitdragon, sub!Harry and sub!Snape
Summary: After the final battle, Harry thinks he would have been better off dead. Snape seems like the only person who might understand. The solution he offers isn't what Harry expects.

The Book of Acts by RaeWhit sub!Snape?
Summary: Harry and Severus set out on a mutual exploration of wizarding Kama Sutra.

Breaking the Boy by Irana Potter Snape sub!Harry

Bruised by Someonenotme, sub!Harry
First Lesson by Someonenotme sequel to Bruised
Asking by Someonenotme sequel to First Lesson
The Lesson by Someone not me sequel to Asking

Bruise Pristine by Eriador117 Sub!Harry

Cambiare Podentes by Jordan Grant sub!Harry (Can't believe I forgot to add this one!)
Cambiare Podentes: Madurare by Jordan Grant (sequel) sub!Harry

Cheering Up by Snakeling sub!Harry?

Childe Harry to the Dark Tower Came by Isolde Sub!Harry

The Circle Uncoiled by Toftier sub!Harry? breathplay

Coils of Gold by Crymsyn

Clemency by djin7 sub!Snape?

Complete sub!Harry by Amy (Swtalmnd)

Compromising Positions by Jade Sub!Harry

Confession by Venivincere Sub!Harry, chan RL/HP, SS/HP

Corvus Fallere Book 1 by Mouse, slave fic, slave!Harry (& Ron and Hermione)
Corvus Fallere Book 2 by Mouse

The Count by Switchknife Sub!Snape?

Correspondence by Cybele and Snaples Sub!Harry

NEW! The Corset by Countess Zero, sub!Snape?
Summary: Severus frees himself. Harry helps.

Crush by Eriador117, sub!Harry, vampire!Snape, bloodplay
Summary: A discussion about an undercover assignment leads to much more.

Deep in the Shallows by Eriador117, some D/s elements (apprentice fic), sub!Harry, chan.

The Desperate Sorrow of a Passionate Man by: Quill Lumos sub!Harry, threesome Snape/Spike/Harry, crossover with Buffy.
Forced to bond with Severus Snape in order to save their lives, Harry Potter finds himself trapped in a loveless marriage. Luckily salvation is at hand (and other parts of the anatomy) with a little help from a certain blond vampire

Detention by Isidore 13 Sub!Harry?

NEW! Detention by Midnight Birth
Summary: Harry knows he doesn’t have to be at Hogwarts. He knows he doesn’t have to go to lessons, and especially detentions. Severus knows this, too. But when Severus orders, Harry comes, and it doesn’t take long for both to figure out why.

Detenion, Potter! by Pytx, sub!Harry.

The Devil's Playground by Book7BrokeMyBrain sub!Harry, chan, spanking.
Sequel to Idle Hands by Nimori. Severus Snape indulges in a little wish-fulfillment during Potter's detention. He is a wicked, wicked man....

Discovery by Shivani, sub!Harry, chan
Summary: Harry's very first detention opens Severus's eyes to . . . rather a lot.

The Domino Effect by Dr Jeckell and Mrs. Hyde sub!Snape

Dreams and Reality by Jellybeanslash, sub!Harry? Non-con.

NEW! Due Recompense by Eriador117, sub!Harry.
Summary: Harry always wondered why Snape never participates in the holidays and decides to find out. He really should have left Snape alone.

Titles E - H

Em Knaps! Em Knaps! sub!Harry by Shayla

Esclavitud by moonofthesea, sub! or slave!Snape?
Summary: Three years after Voldemort’s demise, Aurors Weasley and Potter find a lair of Death Eaters. After killing some in a gruesome battle and arresting the rest they search the place and find a miserable looking creature in a corner. They can not believe who it is.

Experimental Magic Series by Magdalena

Fear and Trembling by Ari Sub!Harry?

New site Fever Dreams, ongoing ficlet series, sub!Harry by Sacrilege

Finding Peace by Mimiheart, sub!Harry
Summary: It takes a great hero to defeat the Dark Lord. Sometimes it takes a greater one to face oneself.

For Services Rendered by Quill Lumos some D/s elements, slave!Harry.
Summary: Harry Potter has been missing since childhood, Voldemort is on the rise again, a young Tom Riddle was resurrected when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a child died, the prophecy says that only The Chosen One can defeat him, but where is he?......

Forever in Blue Jeansby Parseltongue sub!Harry

F***ing Exams by Greenie sub!Harry

The Freak by Eriador117, sub!Harry. Warning for chan.
Summary: Harry has a secret he's hidden for years. Snape teaches him how to come to terms with it.

The Friday Boy by Riffrafftrash D/s, bloodplay. Sub!Harry

Games Without Frontiers by Eriador117 Sub!Harry
His Master's Voice sequel to Games without Frontiers
Chocolate sequel to His Master's Voice.

The Gates of Death and Beyond by Ptyx, sub!Harry?, bloodplay. (broken link)

NEW! Gentleman's Agreement by RaeWhit (sub!Harry, sort of, blackmail)
When a bribe goes awry, Harry is forced to make a loathsome deal or face the consequences.

Going Clubbing by MrsRemusLupinVampire sub!Harry
Only Way by MrsRemusLupinVampire sub!Harry
Willing Whore sequel to Only Way
Owned sequel to Willing Whore

The Good Fight by Unbroken Halo sub!Harry

Great Liars, Great Magicians by LoupGarou1750, sub!Harry, forced bonding.
Summary: Dumbledore forces Harry to bond with Snape, who demands an heir, but when Harry announces his pregnancy, Snape doesn't believe him. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the path to love is strewn with sex, lies, and manipulations.

Healing Hands by Inzilbelth sub!Harry

A Good Buy by Minx, sort of Sub!Harry

Guilty as Sin by Rifffafftrash D/s, threesome with Draco, bloodplay. Sub!Harry

Hand Over Fist by Swtalmnd sub!Harry

Harry Potter's Perfect Detention by Lilyseyes light D/s, sub!Harry. One-shot.
Summary: Back at Hogwarts after the final battle, Harry feels restless. Severus steps in to take him in hand.

The Headmaster by LadyJayVee multichapter
A few years after the war Harry become the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Severus breaks his parole and is sent to Azkaban.

Healing Hands by Inzilbeth no idea who's the sub in this one

The Heir of All by SlashySoulstice multi-chapter.
Following POA: After a gruesome attack upon his return to Privet Drive, Harry is rescued only to find that his troubles are just beginning. What happens when he learns that he's not at all who the world thinks he is?

Hero Worship by Ravenna C Tan sub!Snape

High Time by Emily Waters bottom!Snape, BDSM, humour

His Reward part 1 by Sophie Richard and T C Regan Sub!Harry
His Reward part 2 by Sophie Richard and T C Regan
His Reward part 3 by Sophie Richard and T C Regan

Horses for Courses by Eriador117 sub!Harry

How Severus Spends his Summer Hols by Sev's Little Secret & Unbroken Halo sub!Harry (perpetual fic)
How Severus Spends his Summer Hols Next parts

NEW!A Hundred Million Suns by Eriador117 (sub!Harry)
Summary: Written for 2010 Snarry-A-Thon. Prompt 13 - Harry is impotent (either by magic or simple biology). For once, he does his own research and finds a treatment that can help him.

Titles I - L

If that Mockingbird Won't Sing by Aspen sub!Harry, chan.

Improbable Games by Sophie Richard Sub!Harry
Fifty Six Square Inches, sort of sequel to Improbable Games Sub!Harry

In Between Days by Atrata, D/s tendencies with sub-like!Harry
Maybe Someday by Atrata, sequel. Sequel seems to be a WIP

In Class by MrsRemusLupinVampire, sub!Harry, bondage.

Indagoby LD Durham sub!Harry, SS/HP/DM threesome
Indago Reborn by Ld Durham sub!Harry SS/HP/DM threesome.
Indago: 3 by LD Durham, sub!Harry, SS/HP/DM threesome.

In Thrall by Ruhgozler Sub!Harry

The Intricacies of Expectation by Amy (swtalmnd) sub!Harry

The Istfy's Curse by Ptyx sub!Harry
Shibari set in the same universe at The Istfy's Curse

Just for You by Eriador117 sub!Harry. Attempted non-con, not the main pairing. One-shot
Harry wants to belong to Snape, but someone else doesn't understand.

A Lesson Learned by Venivincere Sub!Harry, chan.

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way by Mattmel sub!Harry

Lessons in Communication by Eyeore9990 sub!Harry, crossdressing.

A Lesson with Slytherin by Shards sub!Harry?

Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent by Cluegirl Sub!Harry

NEW! Life as I Know it by Blinded HP, sub!Harry
Summary: Harry is not the boy that everyone expected he'd be when he first entered Hogwarts.

Life and Death by Snakeling sub!Snape

The Life Debt by Rushlight Sub!Harry, chan.

Liminal by Yevgenie sub!Harry??

A Little Touch of Harry in the Night by Amanuensis BDSM, D/s relationship. Sub!Harry

Longer by Isidore Sub!Harry

Lower him Down with Links of Chain by Loup Garou Sub!Harry

A Lowering of Defenses by hpstrangelove, bondage, chan, sub!Harry, dub-con.
Summary: Harry has fantasies of being bound. Snape shows him the power of the mind.

Titles M - P

Magister Dominatus by Eriador117 sub!Harry

Manticore by Taran Sub!Snape?

Master by Bleudiablo sub!Harry, updated with part 3.

Master's Pet by Legacy Lady sub!Harry, password required.

A Matter of Time by Mimiheart sub!Harry

Maui Wowie by Odogoddess sub!Snape

Mercy by Gateway Girl, sub!Snape, Harry/Draco/Severus
Summary: (Prompt) Werewolf!Draco and Werewolf!Harry are lovers, but lately they've been interested in getting a third into their pack -- they're convinced Snape would make a fabulous werewolf and submissive lover. Snape still hates/is terrified of werewolves, but they're determined to not take 'no' for an answer....
(Written for the IJ/LJ Drapery_Snarco fest)

NEW! The Merry Go Round by Abstract Concept, sub!Harry, warning for chan.
Summary: Harry goes looking for a good time, but finds Professor Snape instead. Snape sets out to make sure Harry has anything but a good time, but he hasn’t counted on Harry’s contrary nature. Instead of reining in Harry’s wild desires, Snape gets taken along for the ride.

Midnight Rider by Unbroken Halo, sub!Harry.

More Dark than Light by Nemesis, Dark Lord!Harry
Summary: Harry isn't going to defeat Voldemort, he isn't.

A Most Trusted Soldier by BondingFetish, not sure who's the sub in this one, but it has warnings for BDSM
Summary: Dumbledore strikes again! He bequeaths something of Severus's to Harry in his will, setting the two men on a course neither could have ever foreseen.

NEW!Naughty Boy by Eriador117 (sub!Harry)
Written for the 2011 Snarry-A-Thon. Prompt: The first time Harry walks in on Snape spanking a student in detention he's more than a little shocked. But soon he realises he wishes that it was him face down over Snape's lap, with his bare, stinging arse in the air. What, if anything, and when, if ever, he does anything about it is up to you.

Needs Unmet sub!Harry

The Normal Life of Harry Potter by Dark Pyro Angel sub!Harry

Muggle Inventions and Detentions by CatsEye, sub!Harry?
Summary: Trouble brews when Harry gets detention and Hermione’s out of town....

Occam's Razor by RaeWhit, Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus (not sure who is the sub, but it has warnings for BDSM)
Summary: Two years after the end of the war, only desperation could make Harry seek out the help of a one-time enemy. Written for 2007 LJ merry_smutmas gift exchange. Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus

Of Disguises and Hearts by Arkady sub!Harry

Of Human Bondage by Emily Waters slave!Snape, humour one-shot

Of Skins and Hearts by Eriador117 sub!Harry
Of Masters and Madness D/s, sub!Harry, Mpreg. Sequel to Of Skins and Hearts

Of Sweets and Delights by Unbroken Halo Sub!Harry.

Only on Weekends by Tales of Rhys, chan warning, sub!Harry
Non-magic AU

NEW! Parting Ghosts by Gryvon (sub!Harry?)
Summary: Harry has returned to Hogwarts as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Snape helps him find the life he lost when he died fighting Voldemort.

A Passionate Hate by HP Strangelove sub!Harry, non-con.

Patience is a Virtue by Sine Que Non

A Perfect Pet by Sevslover sub!Harry

Pipe Dreams by Lux Sub!Harry, chan.

Please, Sir! by Julesmonster, sub!Harry?

Poison by Allocin, password required. Snape/Harry, past Lucius/Harry non-con.

Possessed by Eriador117 Sub!Harry

A Pound of Flesh by The Minx 17, sub!Harry?

NEW! Power in Submission by Shadowess, sub!Harry
Summary: James and Lily are alive and Harry is the youngest, (no voldie in this), Harry feels left out and neglected, he runs away and finds someone that can love him and care for him.

Pretty in Pink by Eriador117 sub!Harry
Exquisite In Emerald sequel to Pretty in Pink by Eriador117 sub!Harry
Beautiful in Blue sequel to Exquisite in Emerald by Eriador117. sub!Harry, crossdressing
Summary: This year's Masquerade Ball has a few surprises...

Private Lessons in Piety sub!Harry chan. By Dementor Delta and Isidore 13.

Proper Accoutrement by asnowyowl. Has some D/s elements, sub!Harry.
Summary: Draco Malfoy wants to embarrass the newly-outed Boy-Who-lived and so during potions he magics a butt plug and matching cock-ring into and onto Harry. Snape is not amused at Potter’s subsequent squeals and groans, and orders him to stay behind.

Protected by Snakeling sub!Snape

A Pushing, Thrusting Young Man by Ad Baculum Corporeal punishment, chan, BDSM.

Titles Q - U

A Question of Etiquette by Amy complete now sub!Harry, SS/HP and the Weasley twins

Quid Pro Quo T.O.Oby Josan SS/DM/HP sub!Harry, sub!Draco
Quid 2 sequel.

Quite Enough by Seeker

The Real Thing Strange by The Concept sub!Snape

Raiment by Nemesis, sub!Harry, bondage.

The Remedy by Raewhit sub!Harry.

Reparations by Sophie Richard Sub!Harry?

Resistance (drabble) by Emily Waters bottom!Snape

Revenge Comes to Those Who Wait by Allohamorah Sub!Snape?

Secret Encounters: The Hall by Arcale sub!Harry
Secret Encounters 2: The Punishment by Arcale sub!Harry

The Shadow of the Other. Slave!Snape, hints of D/s.
Summary: As a creature, Severus has long known he will need to bond with his mate or face being made a slave to the whole of wizardkind. For Harry, however, the news is a shock made more difficult by the awakening of uncomfortable sexual desires.

Shelter from the Storm by LoupGarou1750 and Perfica.

Shiver Series by Knightmare_Shad sub!Harry complete now.

Sight Unseen by Rantipole sub!Harry?

Silver and Gold by Eriador117 sub!Harry
Blood and Gold by Eriador117 sub!Harry, mpreg sequel

Slap Leather by Unbroken Halo sub!Harry?

Slick by Cybele sub!Harry

Slip by Mouse sub!Harry

The Snape Enablers by Cortice, creature!fic, some D/s elements
Summary: Harry Potter is a Swaelaehara. Snape is his Swai, whom he cannot live without, but a Soul Mate?

Snape's Pet by Eriador117. sub!Harry One-shot
Written for the_con_cept for Snarry Holidays. Warnings: chan, AU, D/s, Master/slave. Snape had never felt the need to buy a pet until now...

NEW! Speech is Silvern by Starcrossed Girl (sub!Harry)

Spoils of War by Rushlight, slave!Harry, non-con.
Summary: Slaveboy!Harry ponders his fate

Soliloquies by Emily Waters sub!Harry one-shot
Summary: Harry shows up at Snape's doorstep. He has only one request: “hurt me.”

Something to Write On by Cybele sub!Harry
Quill and Ink by Cybele sequel sub!Harry

Sottomesso sub!Harry, Now complete.

Snapes & Ladders by Eriador117 Sub!Harry

Staying Silent by Sociofemme sub!Harry??

Stress Relief by Snakeling, sub!Harry
Summary: Severus knows just how to make Harry relax

Sublimination by Satinvalkyrie sub!Harry

Sunday Personals by Fidelius, sub!Harry, Threesome, Snape/Charlie/Harry
Summary: Sick of the way the wizarding world invades his personal life, Harry has decided to peruse the personal ads in the Sunday edition of the Daily Prophet.

Symphony of Darkness Part 1
Symphony of Darkness Part 2 sub!Harry, manipulative!Severus and voldemort wins

Taking by Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde Sub!Snape
Summary: Harry loses control during an Occlumency lesson in seventh year, and takes out two years worth of bottled up rage, anger and frustration on Severus Snape. This is an extremely dark piece dealing with sensitive issues such as rape/non-consensual sex, sexual abuse, and physical violence.

Tempus Fugit Praeterhãc by Quill Lumos slave!Harry (time travel to ancient Rome)
Summary: Based on the amusing idea on the US cover of Deathly Hallows. Harry's Horcrux hunt leads him to Rome. However, he hadn't expected the sudden trip back through time thanks to a booby-trapped Diadem, Neither had Severus Snape, who gets dragged into the backlash of the spell. Now they're both stuck in the past, what are they going to do? Together they struggle to earn a living and have to learn to survive, whilst continuing to search for a way home.
Saturnalia by Quill Lumos, one shot set in the Tempus Fugit Praeterhãc universe.

The Things we do for Love by xremusxgalx sub!Harry

The Ties that Bind by Kira-Nerys password needed, email password@kardasi.com sub!Snape

Three Men and a Rose by Eriador117 sub!Harry, Snape/Bill/Harry

Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight sub!Harry, Snape/Draco/Harry
Walking the Mirror's Edge from Snape's POV

Turn Around by Tara Tory sub!Snape

Two for One by Unbroken Halo sub!Snape

Two Words by Sophie Richard sub!Harry, chan.

Understanding by ThreeSidedOrchid sub!Harry
Summary: After Harry’s friends find out the true nature of his and Snape’s relationship.

NEW! Unexpected Gifts by Choosetolive, sub!Harry.
Summary: He might not know what to do with those gifts, but Severus did.

The Unexpected Series by Seeker Sub!Snape?

Titles V - Z

The Very Last by Amanuensis sub!Harry

Verum Elixir by Lilyseyes sub!Harry

The Viper's Pit by Cyane Snape Sub!Harry

Uninvited, Like the Clouds by Eriador117, some D/s elements, forced bonding, sub!Harry

The Weight of Water by Eriador117. sub!Harry, creature!Harry multi-chapter
Summary: The blood wards on Privet Drive have always been a lie. When the Dursleys are murdered and Harry is arrested, it is up to Severus to find out what has really been going on. A/N: Partly based on a plot bunny by Mimiheart who wanted "Some sort of fic where Harry HAS to do whatever he's told if it's a direct order. (I know it was in the movie Ella Enchanted--I want more angst and less comedy from it.)"

What a Boy Needs by Mimiheart sub!Harry Snape/Draco/Harry

Where Others Fear to Tread by Riffrafftrash D/s tones. Sub!Harry Mpreg.

A Year and a Day by Nimori Sub!Harry, may need to register to get access.

Your Move by Emily Waters, sub!Harry
Summary: Harry has a crush on Snape, and a strange game of chess brings it to light.

Your Wish is my Command by Juxian Tang sub!Snape


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Jul. 5th, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC)
coolbeans! The list is looking great, but 2 minor quibbles though. Afterglow is by hauntedpadwan and the correct title to stepmnstr's fic is Needs Unmet, not Unmet Needs.
Jul. 6th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
Thanks, I've changed those. It's hauntedpadawan by the way :)

take care,
Jul. 6th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC)
ah I see the f/u fairy has decided to grace me with her presence once again. For some reason she loves to!
Jul. 27th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC)
you forgot one!!
one of the best one you forgot!!

Corvus Fallere book 1 and 2 by Mouse (two is stil a WIP but so woth the read) sub! harry

if you haven read it you MUST

Oct. 24th, 2006 08:10 am (UTC)
Thanks for the new update! Now I have to go very slowly through the list and figure out which one I may not have read yet!

As I was looking through, I remembered these fics. I think Guilty As Sin, The Friday Boy, and Where Others Fear to Tread by riffrafftrash all fit this list.

"Guilty As Sin" is a creature and threesome fic, but it also has some D/s tones. It's HP/SS/DM and Snape is the "dom" creature to both Harry and Draco.

Both "The Friday Boy" and "Where Others Fear to Tread" are primarily Snarry (though there's a few hints of Snape with others in both) and have a D/s tone as well. All three are sub!Harry.

Just thought I'd through them out there. If you haven't read riffraff's works, I recommend them!
Oct. 24th, 2006 11:39 am (UTC)
Thanks, I've added those! Something new for me to read, LOL!

take care,
(no subject) - aislinn_nicole - Oct. 29th, 2006 11:18 am (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
"A Little Touch of Harry in the Night by Amanuensis BDSM, D/s relationship. I'm not sure who is the sub in this one."

-sub. definitely sub. *shudders from accidental sub!Harry viewing*
Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
Two for One by Unbroken Halo sub!Snape

Two Words by Sophie Richard sub!Harry

Same link

*tries to suppress vomit from two accidental sub!Harrys in one night*

(no subject) - eriador117 - Nov. 3rd, 2006 07:21 am (UTC) - Expand
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(no subject) - brakenjan - Nov. 21st, 2006 07:05 am (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)
BDSM Story
I am trying to find a story I read on aff.net a while ago. It goes along the same lines and Indago but it has Severs as the dom. It shows that both Harry and Draco are the same creature and Severus as a dominate male. He can get violent at times and they love it. It also shows Lucius being killed by Severus for touching his pets. Can anyone tell me where I can find it again? I could swear it was called "Crimson ???" I really love that one. Please send any info to DeminiSSS@gmail.com
P.S. I love this list. I sent the link to my e-mail addy and I read them at work when I am bored. I love it. :)
Dec. 10th, 2006 12:37 am (UTC)
Re: BDSM Story
to anonymous.is this it ?

Crimson Moon by: Calanor
Summary:: Harry and his friends have been thrown back in time a thousand years. They have choices to make to fullfill their destinies one day at a time. Harry has walked through the centuries alone until he crosses path with a beautiful creature of an ancient bloodline long forgotten, Severus Snape. Written for 7spells LJ community and by Calanor and Morganlefay1958.
Characters: Arthur, Arthur/Molly, Bellatrix, Dean, Draco, Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ron, Dumbledore, Fred, George, Ginny, Hagrid, Harry, Harry/Severus, Hermione, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Lucius, Minerva, Molly, Neville, Original Character, Other, Peter Pettigrew, Remus
Genres: Angst/Tragedy, Romance, Humor/Parody, Drama, Mystery/Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Horror/Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: MV
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Jun. 14th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
I've got a spanking Snarry fic--


(that one is locked... http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=19398 )
A Matter of Time

I also have a Dom Severus with Harry and Draco... which I know isn't your thing, but figured I'd pimp myself anyhow. :P)


That is What a Boy Needs.
Jun. 15th, 2007 07:01 am (UTC)
Oh, pimp away, LOL!

take care,
Jun. 14th, 2007 09:56 pm (UTC)
Some of the links still go to the old HPFandom site (.com not .net).
Jun. 15th, 2007 06:59 am (UTC)
Oh, thanks for pointing that out, I'll have to go and change those :)

take care,
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Jun. 17th, 2007 01:11 pm (UTC)
I wrote a sub!Snape for bottomsnape:  Maui Wowie
Jun. 18th, 2007 06:24 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you, I'll add that :)

OMG, I've been staring at your icon ;) *ahemm*!

take care,
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 19th, 2007 06:05 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you, I'll change that :)

take care,
Jun. 24th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
I just thought you'd want to know that The Intricacies of Expectation has moved -- you can link directly to the fic here, if you'd like:


Thanks for keeping up such a great list!
Jun. 25th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'll change that :) Don't forget to tell me when A Question of Etiquette is complete, I think that could go on here too ;)

take care,
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 25th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you. I'll add that :)

take care,
Jul. 3rd, 2007 10:14 am (UTC)
I'm addicted to D/s Snarry (sub!Harry) too. Thank you for making, maintaining and updating this wonderful list. I found another subHarry via your link for Corvus Fallare. It's a short story by the same author, Mouse, and titled "Slip"
Jul. 10th, 2007 10:04 am (UTC)
Thanks, I've added that one :)
Jul. 9th, 2007 06:44 pm (UTC)
deleted journal
Lick Here by xremusxgalx sub!Harry

Found that that journal was deleted =(

Jul. 10th, 2007 10:05 am (UTC)
Re: deleted journal
Thanks for pointing that out, I've removed it for the moment unless I can find it anywhere else :)
Jul. 18th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
a fic
theres a wonderful sub!harry fic that I don't think is on here. its definitely worth it though.

Quill and Ink

Quill and Ink also has a prequel, which doesnt have much slash in it, but sets the plot for Q&I.

Something to Write On

oh, i almost forgot. Both are by Cybele. (:
Jul. 18th, 2007 08:13 am (UTC)
Re: a fic
Thanks, I've added those :)

take care,
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