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Fic List: Poor Harry

The list is no longer being updated, but if you do know of any fics that fit, just leave a comment so that other people can read them :)

I have melded the abused!Harry fics with fics on eating disorders, self-harm, depression, suicidal themes etc. as most of the stories have more than one anyway, rather than do separate lists for each.

Again, they are listed alphabetically where possible, with sequels directly below the fic they were a sequel to rather than in their own alphabetical section.

Some details, Snarry means those fics where Severus Snape and Harry Potter are in either a romantic or sexual relationship of some sort. Severitus was based on a challenge by the author Severitus where Snape was Harry's father and it's since come to be used in nearly every fic where Harry finds out Snape was his father, although the challenge did have more details than that.

This list is mostly Snarry because that is what I read/write mostly, but I will accept general fics (no pairings) or fics where Harry is paired with someone other than Snape if Snape is the one who helps him recover in a big way. If there is no Harry/Snape interaction of any sort, then it isn't for this list. UPDATE: What I will not accept are any fics where Harry is paired with Ginny! I'm sorry, I know it's canon, but I hate it and it is not going on my list, if you want Harry/Ginny fics I'm sure someone else has made a list somehwere :)

A lot of these fics are adult in nature and the abuse mentioned may include sexual as well as physical, including rape etc.

Titles A - D

Absolution by Rushlight Snarry. Post Traumatic Stress.

Addicted Self-harm.
Unstable sequel to Addicted. Snarry. Self-harm.
White Walls sequel to Unstable.

Animula by Redrum. Abuse. Snarry. WIP

Artwork Self-harm.

Because No One Must Know by Juxian Tang (not Snarry, but Snape features). Abuse.

The Black Secret gen, Severitus fic.

Blackbird by LinW aka Nesting Hedwig Snarry. Abuse.

Blood Tides Snarry. Abuse.

Book of Shadows by Lux. Self-harm.

NEW! The Broken Boy by Eriador117 Snarry. Abuse. PTSD/Mental instablility.

Broken Mind, Fractured Soul by Sensibly Tainted WIP Abuse. MPD. Mentor!Snape.

Bruise Pristine Snarry. Abuse.

Comforts from the Unexpected by Firestar038 WIP, looks like it's been abandoned but there are over 40 chapters so far. Abuse, suicidal themes. Mentor/guardian!Snape.

Confession by Venivincere. Snarry

Crimson Steel Snarry. Depression, bloodplay.

Dancing Through Sunday eating disorder/self-harm.

Dark Angel Snarry. Abuse, post-traumatic stress.

Death Eater Takes a Holiday by Lee Lee Potter WIP. Abuse. Snarry.

Death is a Blessing by Nation El-Diablo. Abuse. Suicidal.

Deep Inside He Cried eating disorder/self-harm.

Dizzy up the Boy Eating disorder. Snarry?

Titles E - H

Eight by Lily Elizabeth Snape (lj lily_e_snape) WIP Abused!Harry, Guardian!Snape.

Emerald and Silver 1 by Bittersweet Alias. Abuse. Snarry preslash?

Empty Snarry. Depression.

En Media Res Snarry.

Everything's Not Lost Harry/Cedric, Harry/Snape, abuse, eating disorder, sucidal.

Family Night Mental abuse, depression, hints of eating disorder. Mentor Snape.

Finding a Father Severitus fic. Self-harm?
Into the Pensieve Sequel/companion piece to Finding a Father.

Flawed Lines Snarry. Self-harm.

For Ron self-harm

Gets it From His Father Incest.

Going Home by Lantana. Snarry. Abuse.

Green Eyes Sublime by Angel Spirit self-harm. Abuse?

Happy Days in Hell by Enahma Abuse?

Harry's Last Hope Abuse. Guardian Snape?
Harry Lives WIP sequel to Harry's Last Hope

Harry Potter and the Unsuspecting Savior Severitus?
The Unkown Father sequel to Unsuspecting Savior
Home for the Summer Eating disorder? sequel to the two above.

Hope Has a Place Snarry. Abuse.

Titles I - L

If that Mocking Bird Won't Sing Snarry.

Ill Words Self-harm?
Lost Sequel to Ill Words. Snarry.

In Between Days by Atrata. Snarry. Depression.

In the Still of the Night

In This Space Where I Can Breathe Snarry. Self-harm.

King of Pain Snarry. Eating disorder.

Life's Blood, Soul's Essence by Chicadoodle self-harm, mental breakdown.

Life as I Know itby Blinded_HP WIP. Snarry Abuse, BDSM, non-con, chan.

Titles M - P

To Mend a Heart Snarry. Self-harm.

The Missing Snarry. Self-harm.

Of Skins and Hearts by Eriador117 Snarry. Abuse, self-harm, post traumatic stress.

One Good Turn by Empathic Siren, need to join the authors' yahoo group to read. Hurt comfort I think. Abuse.

Pain of a Promise Snarry. Abuse.

Perception of Self by Shamera eating disoder

Pins Self-harm?

Poison Insanity, self-harm.

Prisonnier de Guerre by Switchknife. Abuse.

Puzzle Pieces by Angel Spirit. Snarry. PTSD, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Self-harm.

Titles Q - U

Remember Snarry. Self-harm.

Ruth For Ruthless Eating Disorder and self-harm. Snarry?

Seceret Corners Snarry. Abuse.

The Sexual Awakening of Harry Potter Snarry. Abuse.

Shame by Angel Spirit. Snarry. PTSD.

Shattered Souls Snarry. Eating disorder, one instance of self-harm. Abuse.
Shattered Hearts Snarry, sequel. Abuse.

Slytherin Kisses Snarry. Abuse.

Small Comfort Snarry. Abuse.

Snape the Home Fries Nazi Snarry. Depression/suicidal.

NEW! Snape's Invisible Friend by Teacher Bev abused!Harry and guardian!Snape

Something to Live For by AccioSnape. Snarry. Depression. Suicidal. You'll need to request password to read.

Somewhere I Belong by Shadowarwen Abuse, Snape mentor?

Stepping Over the Edge

Storm Snarry. Suicide
Someday sequel to Storm

Tears of the Sun Snarry. Abuse.

There is Still Hope After He is Gone mentor!Snape. Self-harm.

To Hell and Back Again Abuse, Snarry, self-harm I think this may still be a WIP.

To Whom it May Concern Abuse, betrayal. Mentor!Snape, Draco/Harry side pairing.

Trying Again by Cyndassa. Abuse. Snarry.

Titles V - Z

An Unconventional Releationship OCD, abuse. Snarry.

A Year Like None Other by Aspen in the Sunlight. Abuse. Snape adopts Harry. Small mention of self-harm.

You Still Have all of Me Snarry. Self-harm?

What Severus Saw self-harm.


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Mar. 14th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
I *heart* you.
Mar. 14th, 2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
Excellent list! What about this one?

The Pain of a Promise, by Sansa.
Mar. 15th, 2006 07:25 am (UTC)
Thanks, I've got it down but haven't added it to the list yet.

take care,
Mar. 14th, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
I wrote some ideas 3 entries ago.
Mar. 15th, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)
Thank you, Taipa, I'll be going back to look through those later :)

take care,
Mar. 15th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
I find it interesting that almost all of the fics on the list are Snarry (unless you did that intentionally?). (Self-)abuse is apparently a large catalyst for the Snarry relationship.
Mar. 15th, 2006 07:28 am (UTC)
Oh, the Snarry was intentional, that's what I'm mainly looking for in my lists, but Harry with no pairing or Snape as mentor/father/guardian figure are good too.

take care,
Mar. 15th, 2006 03:12 pm (UTC)
Perhaps it's not what you're looking for but Enahmas The happy days in hell trilogy has abuse (torture) and has Snape as a eh uncle.


(Deleted comment)
Mar. 17th, 2006 07:24 am (UTC)
You're welcome :)

take care,
Mar. 17th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC)
Hey! Thanks for including One Good Turn on this list, but there is no self-harm in it.
Mar. 17th, 2006 07:23 am (UTC)
Ooops, somone recommended it to me for the list, is it an abused!Harry or anything like that then? I've added it to the novel length fics list.

I can remove it from this one if it doesn't fit in, just let me know :)

take care,

(no subject) - empathic_siren - Mar. 17th, 2006 01:54 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - eriador117 - Mar. 17th, 2006 02:28 pm (UTC) - Expand
Mar. 29th, 2006 06:57 am (UTC)
Just an FYI, all of Empathic Siren's stuff is at a turn of the page, so you don't have to join her mailing list any more.
Apr. 20th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
Turn of the page?
Ummm, sorry to interrupt, but "turn of the page"? Where's this?
Re: Turn of the page? - mimiheart - Apr. 20th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC) - Expand
Apr. 30th, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know that the links for both Slytherin Kisses and Small Comfort lead to Shattered Hearts. Here's the correct links for easy fixing...

Slytherin Kisses: http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5394

Small Comfort: http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5172

Love the list!
May. 1st, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you! That's what I get for trying to do too many things at once, LOL! I'll just go and change those :)

take care,
May. 22nd, 2006 03:43 pm (UTC)
This is an AWESOME list. Thank you! *starts reading*
May. 27th, 2006 08:57 am (UTC)
Small thing...Coming Home by Lantana on the list is actually titled Going Home. Just something I randomly caught as I was going through and reading fics from your list once again. Great list!

Also, I don't know if it counts enough to make the list, but A Year Like None Other by aspeninthesunlight has some self harm in it (like the last 3 or 4 chapters or so). It's not Snarry, but it is Snape adopting Harry. Plus, while it's not graphic, past abuse is discussed and we see how it affects Harry. Plus, it's finished now! Here's the link in case it counts...

Jul. 9th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for reccing this fic! It's an amazing piece of work and I had to call in sick in order to finish it this week!
(no subject) - (Anonymous) - Jan. 6th, 2010 12:32 am (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 7th, 2006 06:47 am (UTC)
Oh, please, plug away! Especially when they fit in with the theme :) I've added those two now as well.

take care,
Jul. 9th, 2006 06:40 am (UTC)
YAY! Here are some more to add...

Broken Mind, Fractured Soul by SensiblyTainted
What if there was a darker truth hidden in Harry's story? Summer before third year, Harry begins to question his memory blanks. What happens when he finds himself before Snape for help? [includes mentor Severus, MPD, child abuse, protective Remus]

Comforts from the Unexpected by Firestar038
[Winner of Best WiP GFA Award]The story begins with a fire at the Dursleys & Harry is locked in his cupboard. Rescued by a spiritual presence, he is sent to stay with a certain Potions Master, bringing in a new range of adventures. Suicide attempts, abuse http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1682895/1/

Death Eater Takes a Holiday by Lee Lee Potter
Albus spells a few Order members back to their seventh year age, and sends them to spend time at Hogwarts for a holiday. The Headmaster's intent is for them to learn that Harry is indeed mature for his age, so that he will be accepted as a full member. What will happen when Severus returns from his time as a teen, to find he has spent the better part of the week entwined with a certain Gryffindor? And, how do their lives change afterwards?

Death is a Blessing by Nation El-Diablo
Severitus Challenge involves abuse and all things dark and nasty, Harry is rescued from the Dursleys only to find himself in danger from former friends, and hope in a new family (will be slashy later)COMPLETE!

Deep Inside he Cried by moon-dragon3
Harry is abused by the Dursleys but won't tell anyone. Snape helps him. Finished!

Green Eyes Sublime by AngelSpirit
When Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year, only Severus seems to truly notice how deeply Harry's despair goes. Since Dumbledore is as blinded as everyone else, Severus decides to take matters into his own hands and help. But doing that means opening up his own soul and secrets to the Boy-Who-Lived, because Harry isn't going to just heal in one day. SS/HP, SLASH and depression related theme.

Happy Days in Hell by enahma
First part of the complete HDH trilogy. Post GoF. A tale about a captivity which brings two unlikely persons closer - much closer. Not a slash story.

Life's Blood, Soul's Essence by chicadoodle
Author's Summary: While wandering the halls of Hogwars, Severus Snape stumbles upon a student having a mental breakdown in the boy's bathroom, inflicting serious wounds upon himself. A boy named Harry Potter.

Me, Myself and I by EmySabath
A story idea that popped out during a bout with insomnia. Harry Potter has had a difficult life, more than anyone knows. What happens when Severus Snape finds out Harry's mind has fractured into multiple personalities under the strain?

No One Knows by Wellington
Something weird is going on with Harry Potter and Severus Snape is going to figure what it is. This story contains child abuse, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Will eventually be slash.

Somewhere I Belong by shadowarwen
COMPLETE, SEQUEL POSTED...Severus Snape discovers a hidden truth about Harry's home life. And decides to take matters into his own hands.

Subdued Dependence by ckat44
Snape had always suspected that Harry traveled a different path, but he never expected that the boy would go down such a dark road... Snape & Harry bonding, very angsty, no evil!Harry, no slash...

To Hell and Back Again - Sev Rickman
Snape saves Harry from the Dursleys when his summer goes drastically wrong. Set summer after fifth year. WARNING: contains abuse, rape and self harm.

This one is GEN but really good!
Perception of Self by Shamera
In his sixth year, Harry finds that the way he sees himself may not be the way that the world sees him. A story about eating disorders and facing your own self-image. One-shot.

Jul. 9th, 2006 07:59 am (UTC)
Hi, thanks for those. I added some, some I had already and some weren't finished yet, I'm only doing completed stories for the list :)

take care,
Jul. 31st, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
I've been working my way through this list (and your other lists as well)....thank you so much for compiling them! A little addition you may want to make is adding 'self-harm' to A Year Like None Other. It's not a major focus of the story, but it does happen and I know some folks avoid the topic. Thanks again for the work you've put into making these lists!
Oct. 17th, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)
I want to thank you so much for your book - it has changed my life. I am not fully better but I can now breathe and have so much energy, no stomach troubles, minimal hayfever and I haven't been sick since I started the diet.
(no subject) - eriador117 - Oct. 17th, 2008 07:47 am (UTC) - Expand
Aug. 22nd, 2006 08:47 pm (UTC)
This is a great list and I am searching my list for something you don't have.

Oh, I have two for you that might fit.

An unconventional relationship
- http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=immortalis_&keyword=%2A&filter=all OCD!Harry from abuse as a kid.

Snape the Home Fries Nazi - http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=12372 Harry loses his magic and was suicidal and now he is just trying to learn to live.

Aug. 23rd, 2006 07:00 am (UTC)
Thanks, I've added those :)

take care,
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